It's here, it is here!  The long awaited picks for top biographies by best selling author Orrin Woodward is here.  This is the first in a series of top biographies that Orrin Woodward will review.

The Dream Maker - Bernard Weisberger

This biography of Billy Durant is the best business biography written about one of America's forgotten heroes.  Billy Durant created General Motors and the economic explosion of Flint Michigan.  Read along and you will find yourself pulling for this man of character in his up and down cycles of life.  Few men ever achieve millionaire status and Billy Durant went from broke to millionaire three separate times in his life.  This biography gives truth to the cliche, "truth is stranger than fiction."  I was inspired by this fine biography and thankful for people like Mr. Weisberger who take the time to capture the exploits of America's leading business men and women. 

This is a must read for every up and coming entrepreneur.